How does your company manage safety and health at work?

PreventCheck allows you to assess how your company manages safety and health at work. The checklist comprises 15 items clustered into 5 management domains. The items provide an insight into the essential elements of safety and health at work, how your company is performing and what you can improve. Each item is described on the basis of 4 situations correlating with a performance level. You choose the description and thus the level, that best corresponds with the situation in your company. At the end of PreventCheck you obtain an overall score as well as a score for each of the items.

Tip: PreventCheck will give you the most useful results if your assessment truly reflects the situation in your company. If necessary, you can also fill out the check together with other key persons in your company and discuss about the way safety and health is managed in your company.

PreventCheck comprises 5 management domains and 3 items for each domain (15 items in total).

  1. Policy and planning
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Instruments for implementing safety and health at work
  4. Information, participation and training
  5. Results and review

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